Game for a Change

Greg and Gareth took the lovely Linda and Sarah  from the Suffolk magazine out on an early morning stalk just down the road. Why we at Lavenham & Elmswell Butchers are on a mission to bring Venison back to the Great British plates. Get your copy today!!!!    

Alls well at Elmswell!

Local, high quality Master Butchery continues its journey To Elmswell.   Banging  first week Te He!!  Our Sausage competition went brilliantly it was so great to meet all the villagers!! Pop and meet  our  stellar team….. locality is their specialty with great customer service!


Lavenham Butchers are very excited about the  re-opening of Elmswell  Butchers shop. Only three years old, perfect for showcasing Suffolk’s finest high welfare, locally sourced meat. Gareth and a newly appointed butcher Phil will be heading the shop, along with  Gareth’s wife Nicola  and our young  apprentice Jack. We look forward to meeting the villagers of Elmswell!