Field to Fork


The Criteria, the Judges were looking for individuals or businesses with the ability and vision to produce and market quality food products in this region. These are producers who are passionate about what they do, have the talent and skill to grow and develop and market an outstanding and commercially scalable food product. They also needed to show environmental credentials and demonstrate a contribution to the local community.

We were as a team  overjoyed at winning this prestigious award  and the opportunities of meeting like minded people.

Why are we so passionate about our local produce? Why field to fork?

  • It is far better  for the environment
  • Less travelling time for the animals from farm/field to  the abattoir.
  • Less stress for the animals means a better flavour in the meat.

Knowing our meat comes from Local High Welfare Red Tractor marked farms, ensures our ability to rave about our meat and to give our customers complete trust in Lavenham Butchers.