Laksen Clothing

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the most beautifully designed Laksen clothing range.

From ladies  to gents the Laksen clothing has something for everyone, if your heading out on a shoot day, as a gun or a beater we have you covered.

Feeling the need for Tweed then we stock Tweed jackets for him and her…..

Laksen has also developed a vast outdoor range for the deerstalkers among us, we are very excited by this range as its something we are very passionate about.

Waterproof, hard wearing and warm are the qualities we look for and indeed we have found them!

Merino wool jumpers, shirts, moleskin trousers and much much more…

We can order a range of sizes and colours with a fast turn around.

Pop in and meet the team we are happy to help!