Sheepskin Products

Our Suffolk Sheepskins are hand selected by Jen from a nearby tannery.

Each individual one varies in colour and texture from  long to short  haired rugs.

These versatile rugs are great for floors, beside the bed or on the back of a chair.

Rugs are available as

  • A Grade Single Medium £65
  • A Grade Single Large £80
  • A Grade Double £140  (sewn together length to length)
  • A Grade Icelandic £80
  • Dog Beds (D) Grade £30 each

Other Sheepskin products 

Sheepskin Fergie headband £30.00 available in tipped cream, brown or black

Sheepskin earmuffs £30.00  available in brown, cream, chestnut, black and grey

Sheepskin Baby Booties available in chestnut  small, medium, large and extra large £15.00

Sheepskin Baby mittens in chestnut  with thumbs £12.00 or without the thumbs £10.00

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