Meet the farmers

Phillip Turnbull Free Range Bronze Turkeys Gosbeck Farm Nr Ipswich 

Jen went to meet the Turkeys at the end of October….  The Turkeys were outdoors, in big fields with grass and space to flap their wings and run around on  but what caught Jen’s eye or should I say ears was the following….. these very happy contented Turkeys have a very special vocal relationship with the farmers  Phillip and his son Alistair.. They told  her that the Turkeys were ever so friendly and to get down at the Turkeys level and make the noise Gobble gobble gobble go gooo….. ish, anyway Jen said  it was like a Mexican sound wave of Turkeys….a completely surreal experience that this year she has vowed to get on film…. We meet  and trust our farmers.. High welfare better quality meat… 


Alice & John Pawsey of Shimpling Park Farm.

John’s family have been farming here for generations, since 1999 they have been organically farming  ensuring the next generations soil quality for the flora and fauna.

Born and raised at the farm fed the natural way on beautiful  organic clover rich leys.

Maintaining free range, high welfare and organic Lamb’s we at Lavenham are proud to be able to offer the villages this outstanding lamb.

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Farmers Jimmy & Alistair Butler of Blythburgh Free Range Pork… Totally free range, truly fabulous Pork that we are proud to stock!

For fifteen years Jimmy and his whole family have been championing the way forward for British Pork!

Recently Jimmy won the  East Anglian Daily Times Awards for the Food and Drinks Food Hero 2016.

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Blythburgh  Free Range Pork is made up of the following…. The daddy pig is a Hampshire Breed of pig providing the fat cover and flavour giving great taste.  The Mummy Pig is a  1/2 Duroc  and  1/2 Landrace  breed, giving them good long loins, they are also winter hardy making them great Mummies for the outdoors.

The natural balanced approach to growth of Blythburgh Free Range Pork  gives an enriched cooking and eating experience, because their animals are brought on in a stress free environment: a scientifically proven way of producing top quality pork.

Shauna, Peter and William of Brights Farm near Bramfield with their land  certified Organic  they hand rear and produce  Aberdeen Angus, Sussex and Hereford, which are crossed with pedigree Limousin Bulls to produce a traditional, yet full bodied animal.

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Brights farm has been traditionally rearing cattle for the past 65 years, the currant farmers Shauna and Peter Feilden respect the diverse habitats around the farm by using their horses to move the cattle on  instead of farm machinery,  avoiding environmental damage to the award winning Site of Special Scientific Interest (2001), a prestigious award that has only been given out to a 236 farms.

Because of their  dedication to wildlife, flora and fauna by the non-use of pesticides and fertilisers the farm hosts a wide population of Great Crested Newts, Brown Hares, Skylarks and the many species of deer.

We are so proud at Lavenham Butchers to be able  to recommend it to our customers.  The full flavour of slow grown  Brights Farm Beef  on organic rich clover pastures with the rich marbling guarantees a real feast.


Colletts Farm   Wormingford nr Bures

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Sophie and Tim Gurton are the proud owners of a show herd of Long Horn cattle, A small  family run farm passionate about high welfare. These cows are grass fed, on the  lush green hilly meadows of our Essex border. Sophie is  super proud of her herd, and has a very hand on approach teaching all her cows from an early age on the lead reign. They attend all the regional shows…… The Suffolk Show, The Hadleigh Show The Tendring  Show winning awards yearly…

We only have the Beef when it is finished as it is slow growing rare breed with huge flavour and marbling…we seek and source the best tasting beef for our customers!!