Rafi’s Curry Packs

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We have hand selected the  following Ready to rock Rafi’s Curry Packs to accentuate our great tasting Meat.  Rafi’s hand mix all the curry packs to traditional recipes that are  past down the family. Fresh spices and ingredients are always used hence why they go so beautifully with our top quality meat.



All our Curry Packs are £5.00 Each

Mild Curry Packs

  1. Passanda
  2. Korma
  3. Balti
  4. Bhuna
  5. Kashmiri

Medium Curry Packs

  1. Rogan Josh
  2. Goan Green
  3. Dhansak
  4. Jalfrezi
  5. Madras
  6. Tikka
  7. Xacutti
  8. Passanda
  9. Balti

Hot Curry Packs

  1. Vindaloo
  2. Xacutti
  3. Thai Green

Other Curry night essentials

  • Creamed Coconut £1.92
  • Poppadom’s £2.20
  • Minted Yogurt  £3.00(Available from the freezer)
  • Mango Chutney £3.35 each